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Clear Fold is proud to represent the highest quality in fire station doors.  Unmatched beauty and reliability coupled with incredible speed make our fire station doors the ULTIMATE solution.

With options for limited space, hurricane and tornado ratings, and a variety of features like manual operation override, a lifetime of over 1 million cycles, and horizontal movement, you need to consider the Four-Fold door for your next project.

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Speed Meets Beauty

Seconds lost can mean lives lost.

Incredible Speed
  • 14’ x 14’ Four-Fold Door = Less than 7 seconds to open
  • 14’ x 14’ Overhead Door = 14 to 21 seconds to open
Horizontal Movement

Drivers know the precise second the doorway is clear to exit.

Uncompromising Beauty

Four-Fold doors add incredible beauty to your station while remaining one of your most cost-effective investments in maintenance and safety.

Painless Operation and Maintenance

Recover valuable time and money.

Easy Maintenance

Standard preventative maintenance (PM) on Four-Fold doors includes applying grease to hinges and operators. With general yearly PM, Four-Fold door operators and components are designed to perform over 1 million cycles. Conventional sectional and coiling doors require constant spring and cable maintenance and replacement to keep them in safe working condition. Failure to keep up with costly PM on sectional and coiling steel doors can result in door failure, which can cause both damage to equipment and injury to personnel.

Manual Operation

Manual operation is available with the Four-Fold door system. With the simple pull of a cord, manual operation is quick and easy. It requires no springs under tensions or time consuming chain hoists or heavy lifting.

Reduced Collisions

It is common with overhead sectional and coiling steel doors for vehicles to begin driving through the door opening after losing sight of the bottom of the door, only to hit the bottom panel as they move through the opening. A collision of this type will make it impossible to operate the door (especially with telescoping and coiling steel doors, which cannot tolerate any denting or deforming of the slats). In contrast, the Four-Fold door is able to operate with similar abuse.

High Security

Four-Fold sallyport door systems are a must for high security applications. Heavy duty tube steel constructed panels are available solid sheeted, glazed with security glass or inset with security of louvers. Designed to resist forced entry, sallyport systems feature detention grade locking mechanisms, tamperproof fasteners, ballistic resistant armor sheeting options and high-speed operation to assure your facility is secure.

We put in these types of doors approximately 4.5 to 5.0 years ago....We are very
happy with the way they work. I recommend them versus vertical doors; they cost more on the front end, but, their preventive maintenance is a lot cheaper than vertical doors and firefighters tend NOT to damage them by leaving compartment doors open.

Gary CurmodeFire Chief, Copper Mountain

The doors overall have been very durable and prompted us to come back and have them installed in our latest station project which is the relocation of Fire Station 2.

Curt PronkAdministrative Services Manager, City of Rochester, MN

Additional Options

Limited Space

The Four-Fold XT™ operator is interior mounted while the door panels fold to the exterior. This eliminates the bay space that is needed with the regular Four-Fold design.

The Four-Fold XT door is still built with all the benefits of our standard Four-Fold door. The heavy- duty design and construction of our Four-Fold door enables it to function under high cycle and other severe conditions, which create chronic service and maintenance problems for the conventional door alternatives.

Hurricane Rated

The Four-Fold 701 has been tested and approved for High Velocity Hurricane Zones, up to 120psf and has been approved by the Florida Building Code (#FL17136).

The Four-Fold 701 Hurricane Rated door is built with 11-gauge structural steel tube and 14-gauge cladding on the exterior and interior sides. The cremone lock concealed in the panel and the weather seals with no exposed fasteners give a clean finish.

Tornado Resistant

The Four-Fold 800 Tornado Resistant four-fold door system has been designed for, tested & passed ICC-500 & FEMA 361 storm shelter requirements.

The Four-Fold 800 door is built with 3/16″ tubing and 12-gauge sheeting, reinforced window frames and 1 1/4″ impact glass to withstand 100mph impacts. A power or manual operated cremone lock secures the door. The FF800 is available with either no windows or with up to four (4) 12″ x 12″ windows.