Need American Metal Door parts or service?

Clear Fold offers sliding fire door systems with superior design and engineering processes to greatly enhance functionality, durability, life.  From modular construction manual sliding door systems to microprocessor controlled automated barrier systems, we can design a system to suit your needs.  Our doors can be used in both single slide and center parting applications with up to 4 hour UL labels.  In addition, we provide powered fire doors with up to 12″ headroom clearance.

All doors come standard with high quality hardware, minimal maintenance, and a wide variety of options and finishes.  Whatever the application, Clear Fold has the right product and experience to install an exceptional fire barrier solution to meet your needs.

UL Listed and Labeled from 20 minutes to 4 hours

Superior fire ratings, tested every 6 months.


No Temperature Rise Rating


Temperature Rise Rating


Temperature Rise Rating

Calcium Silicate

Temperature Rise Rating
Temperature rise ratings indicate the maximum rise above ambient temperature on the non-fire side of the door, and will be either 250°, 450°, or 650° F. The 250° door is the most restrictive because it limits the heat transfer to only 250° for a 30-minute period.

Featured Options

Exceptional quality with amazing options.

Battery Closing System

Automated systems come complete with a self-contained, standby power supply allowing a horizontal sliding door system to be used as an approved means of egress in many applications.  In addition, pass doors including multiple doors for double egress are available.

High Speed Operators

High speed operators have adjustable speed up to 24″/second.  Two speed operation allow the operator to slow down the speed at the end of travel to increase durability and safety.  Battery backup systems can keep the system functional during power failure.


EasyTest allows the door to be tested regularly without fuse link replacement and cable/chain reset.  With the simple flip of a handle, simulate a fuse link separation to keep the system operational and comply with National Fire Code annual testing requirements.

Additional Options:

  • Battery Backup
  • C Channel Frame Construction
  • Center Parting
  • Control Speed Closing
  • Crush plates
  • EasyRoll Track System
  • Explosion Proof Operator
  • Face Sheet
  • Galvanized, Prime Painted Door
  • Heat detectors
  • Locking Devices
  • Monorail Cutouts
  • Motorized Close System
  • Panic hardware
  • Pass Door(s)
  • Perimeter Gasketing
  • Reel Close System
  • Single Slide
  • Spark Resistant Hardware
  • Stainless Steel Door & Hardware
  • Temperature Rise Rating
  • Track Hood
  • Tubular Frame Construction
  • Vision Lite
  • Weather Stripping
  • Weight Close System

American Metal Door Parts & Service

Do you have an existing American Metal Door system requiring parts or service?

Clear Fold is a leading service and parts provider for customers who maintain American Metal Door systems.  Parts and service include coverage for American Metal Door’s LTH3700 Series horizontal sliding, temperature rise-rated fire door systems as well as the NTH3500 Series, among others.  We have service options as well as migration options for customers who wish to upgrade or enhance their American Metal Door systems.