The Clear Fold Story

For nearly 40 years, Clear Fold has produced and sold the highest quality door and barrier solutions on the market. We invite you to learn about our story and why we are the clear choice for your unique door and barrier needs.

The Clear Fold Door

It's 1979. ESPN launches on cable television, the USSR invades Afghanistan, and the price of gas is 86 cents a gallon. And in Ohio, a revolutionary new Car Wash Door hits the market...

Traditional Car Wash Door

The problems we faced with garage doors going up and down were numerous.

The Clear Fold Door

In 1979 we had a vision to produce a door that would provide energy retention while achieving an “open for business” appearance.

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Innovation Continues

Continuing their exceptional manufacturing innovation, Clear Fold improves on their Clear Fold Car Wash Door by developing a custom fiberglass CFace 2 pneumatic control panel for the Clear Fold Door. This efficient control and pneumatic filtration panel was then expanded for use in a variety other industries.


Recognizing significant opportunities to add value for their existing clients, Clear Fold became a distributor and integrator of the industries best door, hardware and barrier solution.  This included a Select Distribution Partnership with Richards-Wilcox industrial hardware and conveyors including representation for other products.  Clear Fold offerings now include an incredible variety of products and custom solutions.

Family Owned and Operated for Nearly 40 Years

Hundreds of great companies rely on Clear Fold solutions every day.