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Clear Fold provides protective steel door systems and armored defensive positions for a number of industries.  Applications include blast resistance, pressure resistance, missile and tornado resistance, high threat security, bullet and attack resistance, sound control and airtight/watertight/gastight conditions.

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Available Options

Blast and Pressure Resistant

Blast resistant doors and windows assure blast protection and dependable service under critical conditions for interior or exterior environments including chemical, paint or hazardous material storage rooms, pharmaceutical facilities, college laboratories and other R & D areas, bioscience and nanotechnology research buildings, refineries, petrochemical and other industrial complexes, nuclear power stations, engine test cells, ammunition depots, munitions storage facilities and arsenals, missile tests and launch sites and, numerous other applications.

Tornado Resistant

Tornado resistant doors are compliant with FEMA’s 320/361 and ICC-500 storm shelter standards. This criteria covers tornado forces that produce complex positive and negative pressures and impulses, and severe impact conditions.

Missile Resistant

High range steel doors are custom engineered for blast or tornado produced missiles or extreme pressure resistance that require high dynamic factors and rebound loading design. The units can be concrete filled for improved radiation shielding, sound reduction or temperature insulating capacity. Construction is solid steel plate or composite structural steel and plate combination depending upon design load and size. Careful attention to the design of the hinging, latching and operating hardware assure ease of operation, minimum maintenance and maximum security. These doors can withstand forces over 1,000 PSI.


Pressure-tight and fume-tight doors are engineered to assure sealing and reliable operations under conditions requiring either low or high pressure environments. Exclusive Sonicbar® sealing devices, precision hardware and door control systems solve environmental containment.


Watertight doors are engineered and fabricated to meet your specific requirements no matter how large the opening. Their construction assures rugged, reliable, and low maintenance service life. These protective doors are available in bulkhead, hinged panel and vertical/horizontal sliding types to provide protection from flooding at the lowest possible cost.

Sound Control

Sonicbar® Sound Retarding Doors are tested by Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories according to ASTM standards and are available in a broad range of sizes, ratings, and operational configurations - hinged, vertical lift and horizontal sliding.

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