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Clear Fold is proud to represent Dynaco USA. The highest quality in high speed fabric doors, Dynaco is the safest door in the industry.  With it’s patented “Push-Pull” operating system, completely soft and flexible bottom edge, and standard open/close speeds of 4’ foot per second, Dynaco is second to none.

If your opening demands safety, high speed, high wind protection, with low maintenance, you need to consider Dynaco doors.

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The Safest High Performance Doors

No rigid elements in the door curtain, automated safety sensors.

DYNACO high performance roll up doors are the safest in the industry. The flexible roll up doors have a soft and lightweight door curtain that is free of rigid elements. When the curtain detects a person or object, it folds around the obstacle to avoid injuries or damage.

DYNACO RIGID doors made of aluminum slats are designed with a light curtain that prevents the door from closing when an object or person is detected.

For added safety, you can add optional devices such as radars and sensors that automate the opening and closing cycle of your DYNACO door, providing additional security against accidents or collisions with vehicles moving in or out of your facility.

Superior Full Perimeter Seal

Avoid contaminants, conserve energy, limit air exchange.

Restrict Air Exchange

The superior seal and the rapid door cycle of DYNACO high performance doors help to restrict air exchange from one zone to another within your facility.

Expensive, conditioned air is retained inside specific rooms or your buildings. Extreme outside temperatures are kept out.

Controlling temperatures and humidity help you conserve energy and costs, and protect your products from spoilage. Climate changes can be restricted to specific spaces in order to better control vital production or storage requirements.

Avoid Contamination

When hygiene or food safety is a consideration, the tight seal and rapid open/close cycle of DYNACO high performance doors are essential for meeting compliance. Dust, dirt or vermin contamination can be minimized in cleanrooms or food processing areas. DYNACO’s high performance door cycle limits open times, and a closed door that is tightly sealed prevents contamination.

Conserve Energy

Minimize air exhange and make climate control more efficient. The fast door cycle of the DYNACO high performance door limits the amount of air that transfers from one area to another.

Stabilize temperatures for improved employee comfort and reduced energy costs.

All Weather and Wind-Resistant

Extreme weather conditions are no match for DYNACO high performance doors.

Tested for Extreme Conditions

Exposure to the strong winds that may pound an industrial building or aviation hangar are no match for DYNACO wind-resistant high performance doors. Our doors can withstand wind loads up to 110 MPH, depending on the type and dimensions of the exterior door.

Reinforced side guides made of high-grade folded steel, a strong flexible PVC door curtain, and a superior seal covering the full perimeter of the high performance door all work in tandem to resist extreme wind pressure.

Patented Push-Pull Technology

DYNACO’s advanced push-pull technology drives high performance doors for outside use. No ballast is required to close our doors.

Your workflow will continue operating uninterrupted even under the strongest headwind, ensuring high productivity and a smooth flow of materials, goods and personnel.

Ideal for Large Equipment

You can transport large-scale finished products, truckloads of raw materials and other bulky goods through the DYNACO high performance outside doors available in large dimensions. Even large DYNACO doors can be used confidently in strong winds and poor weather conditions.

Fast and Efficient

Maximum time savings.

Save Time

You need a high performance door to match the efficiency of your operation. With the industry’s fastest roll up doors, DYNACO can bring your operation the productivity that you need when moving people and materials around your facility.

Our automatic opening and closing technology results in considerable time savings to the repetitive function of a roll up door.

Move Faster & More Efficiently

We designed our high performance doors with the efficiency of your operation in mind. Highly innovative technologies speed up the open/close cycle of our doors streamlining traffic and material flows within your facility.

You can customize your DYNACO high performance door with a wide range of opening/closing commands to optimize your traffic flows even further.

Low Cost of Ownership

With few wearing parts, a DYNACO high performance door gives you a low cost of ownership with minimal need for maintenance and technical intervention. You’ll avoid wasted downtime with our technically-advanced self-reinserting door curtain. Through thousands of opening cycles, your DYNACO roll up door will continue to operate, reducing your ownership costs.


Reduce maintenance costs and downtime.

A flexible roll up door that self-reinserts will ensure business continuity and reduce maintenance costs.

DYNACO high performance doors are designed with a flexible curtain that reinserts itself into the side guides if accidentally dislodged due to impact with a person or vehicle. The curtain will resume operation with a swift open/close cycle.

The innovative self-reinserting technology will ensure that DYNACO’s high performance roll up doors are operational within minutes.

Your operation’s productivity and material flow will resume with little impact.


Protect your facility with a solid high-performance security door.

Keep Your Investment Safe

When interior or exterior security is a concern,  the DYNARIGID provides protection with its solid door leaf composed of high-grade aluminum slats.

You receive all of the benefits of a high performance door with the protection of a rigid roll-up door that is designed for fast open/close operation to ensure optimized logistics and a continual flow of traffic.

Protect Against Intruders & Bad Weather

The solid DYNARIGID high performance door has built-in safety features that protect against intruders while preventing incidents and injuries, with optional transparent vision panels for increased safety and visibility.

We’ve designed the DYNARIGID for easy maintenance. Damaged aluminum slats are simple to replace. With appropriate safety measures, the rigid high performance door can continue to operate with one or more missing slats.


  • Protect against intruders and bad weather
    Solid door leaf from high grade aluminum slats
  • Optimize traffic and material flow
    High opening and closing speed
  • Prevent prolonged downtime
    The door can continue to operate even with one or more missing lamellas, provided the necessary safety measures are taken
  • Keep people and equipment safe
    Light curtain integrated in  side columns can prevent accidents
  • Enable easy maintenance
    Replace damaged lamellas easily
  • Add more safety and visibility
    Transparent vision panels are optional

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