Unlimited Power for Limited Spaces.

Richards-Wilcox Twin-Trak Conveyors combine power & free capability with a side-by-side track configuration. Twin-Trak offers the ideal medium- to high-capacity solution where limited overhead space is available for product storage and transportation.

Twin-Trak can be built from pre-existing Richards-Wilcox systems, such as Safe-Rail and Zig-Zag. Once a Safe-Rail monorail or a Zig-Zag chain conveyor system is in place, standard in-stock Richards-Wilcox parts can be added to create a Twin-Trak power & free system.

Twin-Trak Lowerator

Twin-Trak Load Spurs

Twin-Trak Unload Spurs


Range from 125 to 1,000 pounds


  • Eleven Standard Zig-Zag Components
    Twin-Trak uses the same standard components as Richards-Wilcox chain conveyors.
  • Eight Standard Safe-Rail Components
    Twin-Trak uses the same standard components as Richards-Wilcox standard monorails.
  • Control Systems
    Twin-Trak is available with a variety of state-of-the-art control components, ranging from simple PLC-based controls to complex PC-based routing and tracking systems.
  • Capacities
    Twin-Trak combines a 3/16″ plate steel load track with carrier handling up to 1,000 lbs. for maximum flexibility.
  • Switching
    Twin-Trak provides switching into and out of main line of travel in greater frequency (at closer load centers) than other power and free designs.


  • Paint Finishing Systems
  • Investment Cast Mold Delivery
  • Extrusion Finishing
  • Progressive Assembly
  • WIP Buffer Storage
  • Comber Lap Delivery
  • Sliver Can Delivery
  • Aerospace Refinishing
  • Fiber Delivery


Optimizes Low Headroom

Because of its side-by-side configuration, Twin-Trak can be installed in facilities having insufficient headroom for other power and free equipment.

Increases Throughput

With controlled accumulation, Twin-Trak eliminates the typical wait time associated with storage banks.

Utilizes Space Efficiently

Twin-Trak minimizes floor space requirements by storing work-in-process overhead, calling it down in the quantity and order needed at each operation.

Controls Production Rates

Twin-Trak optimizes production by ensuring that the right parts arrive at the correct operation in a continuous flow, especially when rates of production differ between operations.

Maintains Quality

Twin-Trak eliminates product rehandling and manual transporting by integrating finishing and assembly processes into one material handling system.

Boosts Efficiency

Twin-Trak maintains a traveling record of work-in-process, logging information on where product has been and where defects may have occurred.