Clean, Reliable Inverted Conveyors

Richards-Wilcox Inverted PaintLine Conveyor Systems combine reliable, clean conveyor operation with the vertical flexibility made possible only through the unique design of Richards-Wilcox Inverted Pendants.

Unlike a rigid pendant, the investment cast Inverted Pendant pivots forward and backward on the wheel axle to allow free rotation up to 30 degrees with no torque or wear on the chain assembly. The Inverted Conveyor system is ideal in production environments where clean operation is essential.


Range from 25 lbs to 75 lbs per load pin


  • Adjustable and removable load centers on 6“ increments. Shorter load centers allow for maximum productivity and control.
  • Manufactured and stocked in modular components for exceptional precision and fast installation.
  • Minimal headroom requirements. R-W’s Inverted Conveyors maximize your production space.
  • Removable pendant for easy maintenance, replacement or reconfiguration.


  • Paint Finishing Systems
  • Paint and Varnish Applications
  • Electronics Manufacturing
  • Pin Systems
  • Pan Conveyor Assembly
  • Kitting Assembly
  • Tote Conveyors
  • Package Handling


Eliminates drip pans and sanitary hooks.

R-W’s Inverted Conveyor design makes messy drip pans and other “clean” equipment obsolete.

Extends chain and track life.

Pivoting pendant allows for free rotation up and down vertical inclines with no torque or wear on chain assembly.

Reduces maintenance.

Less friction and wear mean lower maintenance costs and down time.

Reduces operational costs.

Pendants last longer because they work better.

Increases production.

Less down time, less maintenance, cleaner operation and lower conveyor costs all make your operation more productive.